In order to entice your website visitors into subscribing to your mailing list, you want to really take the time to consider a free incentive to maximize the number of visitors that you can convert into subscribers.
People are often leery about handing over their name and email address to a complete stranger. With so many Email Marketers spamming their lists with useless garbage, web users have become cautious about whose lists they join.
This is why you need to present an offer that is absolutely irresistible.
You want to stand out from the crowd by taking them by the hand and saying “Take a look at what I am offering you!”, and in case they aren’t listening, a free incentive just may be the push they need to motivate them to take the action and subscribe to your list.
It’s a very powerful way to generate a huge list of confirmed opt-in subscribers as well as begin the process of building a relationship with these subscribers.
When it comes to what you should offer for your visitors, there are many different products range that work well, depending on your niche market or content.
For the incentive, you could consider offering:
 Free Report
 Free Ebooks with either personal use, resell rights or PLR
 Free Graphic or Template Packages
 Free Tutorials
 Free Sample Chapter (a leak chapter from a paid product)
 Free e-Courses
You really want to spend some time evaluating your options when it comes to the giveaway (otherwise called a ‘bribe’), because it ultimately will be responsible for whether your squeeze page converts or fails.
When deciding on a squeeze page incentive, you want to determine what your target market is actually looking for, and simply giving them a high quality product that they can’t find anywhere else. Be always remembering to offer something that is relevant to your target market.
You can do this with a free report, ebook or a simple e-course that is set up to deliver training tools and resources on a weekly basis.