The ultimate aim of any online marketer is to drive maximum web traffic to the company’s website and to optimize online search engine rankings. Online marketers are constantly striving hard to attract visitors to their websites because of increasing web competition by various online businesses. Hence in order to grab online viewers it is essential to add attractive and attention grabbing ingredients to your websites and videos are one of the most effective options available to online marketers. As we have discussed earlier that people today are attracted more towards online videos instead of mere textual content and promotions. This is why video is becoming an important asset to staying competitive on the web.
There are various reasons of why you should add videos to your website, a few of them are listed below:
• Videos help you to personalize your marketing efforts
One of the major drawbacks of online businesses is that you never know the person you are doing business with. Some people are reluctant to enter into deals with unknown persons especially if your business is to provide professional services like law firms, consultants etc. Posting videos on your website can solve this problem and help you personalize your marketing efforts. For example if a lawyer features videos and introduce himself on his websites can reduce the anxiety of the potential client and help the marketer to promote his business while generating customer trust and loyalty.
• Optimize Search Engine Rankings
Just like an effective textual content provides your website a high SEO ranking, adding a video to your website will multiply its popularity. In fact many steps taken by popular search engines like Google show that in the near future video will be an integral part of search engine result pages. For example Google already factors high rankings to websites with an online video content and hence will make it possible for potential clients to easily locate your site and its video content.
• Foster Instant Sales
Effective promotional videos can help you increase your sales for example video testimonials are a powerful source of generating instant online sales as viewers consider the testimonials more reliable. Also informative videos aimed to furnish complete information about products features can also foster instant buying decision and hence increase your online sales.
• Enhance Your company’s reputation
Effective videos composing well-prepared content, shot on high-definition video in a properly lit studio, with top-quality editing, graphics and sound effects, impress visitors to your site and improve the popularity of your web site and enhance the overall reputation of your company.
• Make your site stickier
It is a well-known phrase that; ‘seeing is believing’! Hence online videos are a source to develop customer trust. For example videos presenting customers feedback and reviews or testimonials can out source fear and hesitation surrounding the customer and develops trust and confidence towards your company and products and your visitors will keep coming back to your website and it may also foster repeat sales.
Hence, these are a few reasons why marketers should add videos to their websites as they are great source to better repute of your company and site.