Viral and Video
Video presentations are among the most crucial tools you may develop for use in viral marketing. The reasons that a video may be so effective are many.
They’re a visual tool. The vast majority of individuals are visual in the way they relate to the world around them. Even individuals who are primarily audibly oriented or kinesthetic (sound or touch) frequently have a strong secondary visual orientation.
They’re accessible. By utilizing one or two of the common formats, you may rest assured that virtually anybody will be able to view the videos.
They pack a lot of impact in a short time frame. Some of the best video promotions last no more than 30 seconds to a minute. This means there isn’t much chance of the viewer losing interest before you get to your main point. That isn’t always the case with a report or e-mail text.
They may be bookmarked, e-mailed as attachments, and downloaded for distribution later. Put differently, videos are easily distributed, making them ideal for sharing with others.
It’s significant to note that a video that’s produced as part of a viral marketing campaign is a bit different from many of the videos that proliferate around the net.
The chief purpose is to excite viewers enough that they decide they have to purchase your product or become an affiliate so they may begin making revenue with your product. There are a few matters you have to always bear in mind so your video won’t become a total mess.
Many beginner video makers will inevitably make one of the following errors when producing a viral video:
Swamping the viewer with so much sensory stimulation that the message is lost underneath all the pretty extras. You need the special effects to enhance your content, not hide it.
Don’t be too cute with the demonstration. Keep the cute factor to a minimum…unless you’re touting an informational product on minding kittens.
Attempt to stand back from becoming a condensed infomercial. Think in terms of 30-second commercials that you’ve watched in years past that got right to the point and still held your attention – that’s the angle you wish to go after.
Don’t utilize verbiage that’s likely to offend others. While this might sound like a common sense approach, it’s astonishing how many sales oriented videos online today totally forget this!
Don’t produce something that will be dated in a year’s time. The fact is that when a video recording goes viral, it’s out there broadcasting from now on. If you rely to a great extent on cultural benchmarks that are clearly an denotation of a specific time era, you run the risk of turning individuals off as they believe the video is old and the product is likely old and outdated.
Don’t release a video till you’re totally happy with it. Remember that the video represents you and your product. If you’ve doubts about the caliber or the structure of the video, there’s a great chance that other people will feel the same way.
When you’ve your concept, your primary script and a great idea of how to stage the action for the video recording, you’re ready to start the actual digital filming.
Essentially, you’ve 2 options open to you when things get to this stage. Either you may do it yourself or you may have the video assembled by a pro. There are a few pros and cons to both approaches that you ought to consider.
A lot of entrepreneurs decide to assemble their own viral marketing videos. And many of these videos do work all right and generate plenty of positive attention, resulting in traffic and sales.
The benefits to doing the video yourself being you get low production costs, you don’t have to be technically disposed thanks to technological gains and you may change things at the last moment.
But you might face issues of poor visual quality, sub-par gear and the whole video might obviously look amateurish.
Going with a pro to produce your video may be the best option in some cases. There are several advantages to having the video assembled by a pro.
After all, with their expertise and high-end tools, you’ll receive slick production quality, the output in several formats and access to tools you don’t have.
However in the flip side, the video will cost a bit, last moment changes are hard or even impossible to make, you lose a particular amount of originative control and still have to pay even if you don’t like the final product!