The Next Steps Moving Forward
In a like manner to the business mentor idea, you are able to utilize a site like the Warrior Forum to discover a business model that works, one that really has the potential to earn 1000s of dollars a month.
But the thing to comprehend here is, don’t ignore the age-old proverb about not attempting to run before you’re adept at walking! Put differently, there are dozens of different business ideas available free of charge all over the net but you have to pick something that you may honestly do.
Don’t let yourself be blinded by the cash angle here either. There are lots of business themes that have the truthful potential of generating a lot of cash but you have to consider your own skill set and abilities before diving into something that’s totally unknown to you. For instance, if you’ve spent your career to this point making cash from niche-targeted blogs that feature AdSense, you’ve already learned that the key to making cash with a site like this is your ability to yield targeted traffic.
Therefore, assuming that you’ve already enjoyed a degree of success, you’ve discovered how to yield targeted visitors for a site. Hence, the question now is, how may you apply that knowledge to make more cash than you’re currently yielding?
Ramping It Up
As an illustration, in the same way that yielding cash from an AdSense monetized blog is all about your power to send targeted visitors to the site, successful affiliate marketing is likewise predicated on the same power or skill. It might therefore be that you may transplant your traffic generation skills and techniques by switching them to affiliate marketing to make more cash than you’re currently earning.
To accomplish this, you’ve a choice of paying for a product where the creator has a vested interest in convincing you that it works or you may find something free where the creator of the theme has absolutely no financial interest in convincing you one way or the other. Rather obviously, in the latter scenario, you’re far more likely to get the truth or the real picture, so wherever conceivable, this is the way to go. It’s a fact that regardless what market you decide to operate in or the business model you select , there are already 1000s of individuals in that market doing pretty much what you’re planning to do.
If you decide that you’re going to become an affiliate marketer, you’re likely number 5 billion on the roster of individuals who have made the same conclusion. Moreover, it’s a fact that of those people, 4.9 billion have already quit the business as they didn’t make it and while you might be totally confident that you’re different, the fact that so many individuals have failed before ought to provide food for thought. In a perfect world, you would be able to examine what they did wrong so that you may prevent making the same errors yourself. Regrettably, it is not a perfect world and you don’t have the capacity to discover precisely why most individuals didn’t make it whereas a relatively small fistful of marketers did, so you have to adopt another approach.
What you need to do is come up with an ‘angle’ or a unparalleled selling point that makes your business different to those operated by others who are doing a similar thing to you. For example, if you’re acting as an affiliate for a Clickbank product and it’s a popular product, you already know that there are 100s if not 1000s of other affiliates promoting the same product, a lot of who will be doing so in precisely the same way if you don’t have your own unparalleled approach. What you therefore have to do is come up with an angle or something that you may ‘brag’ about as it makes you stick out from the crowd.
As an illustration, most affiliate marketers are lazy so they market the product they’re supporting by linking directly to the original product creators sales page in all of their promotions. This approach has its attractions as direct linking will yield maximum sales as it puts the minimum number of hurdles all roadblocks between the prospect becoming aware of the offer and the point where they place their hand in their pocket to find their billfold.
Even so, if each affiliate marketer is doing the same, then it’s impossible for each of those people to differentiate themselves, meaning that the choice of affiliate link to follow in effect becomes a lottery. If however you provide some sort of added value to the offer, you increase the chances that you’re going to be the one who lands the sale. For instance, rather than sending the interested prospect directly to the sales page, you may send them to your own ‘bonus offer’ landing page where they’re presented with a superb bonus package merely for signing up through your link instead of through another persons.
For the buyer, this represents an enormous deal as they were going to purchase the product anyway but now they get a truckload of additional bonuses too.
And for you, this technique represents a double winner, as not only does it add a fresh customer to your business, it likewise enables you to collect e-mail data from that fresh buyer in a way which you’d never normally do as an affiliate. This occurs because in order to get their bonuses, you ought to make it clear on your bonus offer landing page that they have to send proof of purchase through your link by e-mail to claim.
The bottom line here is, you have to do something that’s different enough to stick out. If you are able to be unique and memorable at the same time, you build your uniqueness and a power to think differently which automatically makes you stick out from the herd.
Without a unique angle or selling point, you’re just one very small fish swimming in the same direction as every other occupied of a really big pond.
In this book, I’ve emphasized again and again that you shouldn’t waste revenue on products that are not going to take your business forward. This doesn’t however imply that you shouldn’t invest in your business when the time is right to do so as investing in yourself is one the most effective and fastest ways of taking your business to the next level.
For instance, if you’ve previously utilized article marketing to promote your business, you likely realize that writing and publishing articles on the major directory sites like EzineArticles is an exceedingly effective marketing technique. Even so, although utilizing articles to market your business is extremely effective, you likely also know that sitting down to author articles is a relatively time-consuming activity too.
Therefore, when you’ve enough cash coming through the door to justify it, you ought to spend a little cash on hiring others to produce your article marketing content for you.
After all, a 500 word article that’s perfect for external publication will cost you someplace between $5 and $10 but that investment will save you half an hour or maybe even an hour which is time that you may utilize far more effectively and profitably in other ways.
In a similar manner, whenever you hit a barrier that may most effectively and efficiently be overcome utilizing a paid tool or resource, you ought to give very serious consideration to spending the cash necessary to capitalize on that resource.
As a simple illustration, if you wish to build an e-zine, then you need an auto responder system, and the most effective and profitable autoresponder systems cost money. Don’t look at money spent on a resource like a top quality autoresponder as an expense, viewing the outlay rather as an investment in your business and future profitability.
Again, try looking outside the immediate parameters of what you’re doing at the moment by adopting a ‘big picture’ aspect of where your business is at the minute to have a clear-cut idea of how you ought to allocate capital in the future to develop your business further.
While it ought to be clear that I don’t urge wasting money on products or services you can’t utilize in your business immediately, there are decidedly times when you have to invest in your own business and future. And if for instance it’s something that you are ‘definitely going to require in the future’, forget it as by the time your future becomes a reality, the system will already have been ‘upgraded’, so disregard it.
Once you’re ready to take your business to the next level, it’s going to be necessary to place some investment into what you’re doing.
While I am not necessarily speaking about 1000s of dollars, if you wish to move from being a internet business beginner to being somebody who’s considered an intermediate level marketer, you have to have all of the tools and resources in place to warrant this ‘upgrade’, and that necessitates spending some cash.
It doesn’t truly matter if you’re still running your business on your own from your back bedroom, it’s in many ways far more crucial that your image is correct, and to a large extent, you accomplish this by investing cash in your business.