A famous Russian story writer and dramatist, Anton Chekhov once said that;
“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass”.
It is well-known fact that human brain always tends to visualize things whenever they read or see something, hence in order to communicate your message it is always important to remember that showing is better than telling. This quote is practiced well by expert marketers as effective marketing is also an art of showing not telling. As mentioned in the previous chapter that a picture message is worth more than a textual message. In an advertisement that is composed of text only, an online visitor has to go through the text, which consumes extra time and effort, in order to figure out the message conveyed. However, visual demonstration captures a viewer’s attention quickly and has the potential to create an impact on the minds of a viewer. This is the reason why many marketers either conventional marketers and/ or the online marketers prefer to use video clips in order to advertise and promotes their products well.
Also as it is a common knowledge that nowadays people enjoy searching the internet rather than to watch TV or to read newspapers, there is an emerging trend of increasing number of people turning to the internet in search of information. Even one of the major online icons Google recognized the importance of video marketing and recently bought out YouTube, the top video site on the Internet, which is one of the first sites that comes to mind when you want to do a video search for something. So bringing video into your campaigns is important to give your site a big boost.
As internet is becoming a globally preferred medium of communication and videos being the most efficient and attracting modes of communication, online marketers are extensively using internet marketing videos to attract high number of visitors towards their websites. Statistics reveals that there is an emerging scope of online video marketing as online video helps the businesses to reach to a wide range of best prospects instantly. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and The Price Water House Coopers (PWC) report, ad spending on digital video enjoyed its best quarter ever, jumping 31 percent vs. the first half of ’09.
Another report indicated that the year 2009, was definitely a year when online video boomed, as in the United States the total time spent watching online video grew up by 34.9 percent.
Hence, online videos are getting popular as it does not only enable you to reach the targeted customers across geographical boundaries and fetch maximum number of customers but also the associated costs are significantly lower. This expands the customer base of a company. Online marketing is therefore more cost effective than regular TV ads, simply because, it is not only the less expensive source to produce and disseminate your message, but also it makes customer targeting a lot easier too.