As everything has its pros and cons, using videos on your website also has its advantages and disadvantages. Listed below are a few pros and cons of video marketing:
Advantages of using videos on Websites
• Videos can help your websites to become more engaging and interesting
• Online videos are cost effective than traditional TV advertisements and usually have in definite airtime space
• Video messages are normally more appealing as compared to textual messages
• Effective videos can generate instant response and your online visitor may convert into a potential buyer
• Video marketing can even help small businesses to beat competitors and attract web surfers
• Videos showing product demonstrations can convey your message effectively and quickly as opposed to usual textual messages
• Videos can help you personalize your message and develop trust and reliability
Disadvantages of using Videos on Websites
• Limited bandwidth can distort the quality of your videos
• Some people use internet services that take huge amount of time to load your video and as online visitors have limited time span they lose interest and leave your site.
• Videos are sometimes not suitable for some content or some purpose at all. Creating videos for such purpose may damage a company’s image in the eyes of customers.
• Apart from that advertising and marketing budgets and the available time also restrict the effectiveness of video marketing as professional high quality videos require huge investments and extensive time and efforts.
Although Video marketing has been proven to increase your sign-ups and sales, however, online marketers should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before starting into this venture. Also a marketer should first analyze the purpose of its campaign and then he should apply appropriate online marketing strategy to generate maximum benefits.
Things to be kept in mind while using Videos
Our discussion until now focused on tactics that should be employed to improve the efficiency of your video marketing. Now let’s discuss a few don’ts of online video marketing that the online marketer should refrain from doing. List below are a few don’ts:
• Don’t make False Claim: A very common mistake that marketer commit is to make false claims within their videos to attract audience. You might get short term popularity while doing so but it is very damaging for your long-term success. Also over statement of product features can make your video look fake and hence astray all your efforts. Hence it is crucial to be authentic.
• Don’t compromise on Audio quality: A video is worthless without a quality sound. It is essential to ensure the quality of your sound device as some times video cameras doesn’t have best sound devices. An interesting video without proper audibility is worthless to watch.
• Don’t underestimate lighting either: It is also essential to ensure proper lighting while shooting your video, especially if you are doing it yourself without any professional support. This doesn’t necessarily require professional lighting equipment but you should definitely ensure proper lighting of the shooting location to improve the quality of your video.
• Don’t neglect your content: As mentioned earlier in the text that content quality should be regarded as the top most priority. Your video should be rich in quality content that provides complete information to your viewers and well-serve the purpose of video.
• Don’t forget to incorporate a call to action: Remember that the main advantage of video marketing over other forms of marketing is that it generates instant response. Hence once your visitor likes your video and develop interest he might want to make instant purchase or take certain action. Hence it is very essential to incorporate a way so that the visitor may either contact you or make purchase or may visit your website.