Podcasting PLR For Profits
Here’s a useful strategy. Have you tapped into the power of audio yet? Studies have shown that majority of people prefer to listen than read. So why not jump on the bandwagon by creating nifty products in audio format using PLR?
One good strategy is to do a Podcast of PLR product that you have. A Podcast is a more interesting product than the conventional e-book and with that you can charge your customers a fee to listen to it. To add more value to your podcast, try giving away master resell rights to it! Meaning, people who purchase a copy of your podcast can sell it to others and keep the profit for themselves. This encourages them to promote it and let the word of your services reach a wider audience.
When you give away Master Resell Rights (MRR) to a product, a smart thing to do would be to leave traces of information that lead to your website or business inside the product. That way the more others sell your product, the more coverage you will get.
Why not double the value by giving customers free download access to the word transcript of the podcast? That way they can listen to it when they feel like or go back and study the podcast in the text format! People love access to different file formats and if your business can be the one to provide for that, they’ll love you for it.
Offline Lead Generation Techniques
Here’s a great way to generate more leads for your business. Take your PLR products and turn them into “offline” products such as CDs, DVDs, posters or books. Once you have a plethora of offline products in your arsenal, you can target them at the offline market and earn extra leads and build income sources for yourself.
Don’t think that all the money you can make is online, for there is still a huge offline market who prefer to buy “physical” things. Furthermore, when you actually hold a physical book or product there is an added sense of satisfaction compared to purchasing and e-book.
With PLR, you can kill two birds with one stone. Create an offline and online version of your products and sell it to different markets. Having published physical books also greatly increases your credibility. Book authors are often known as experts in their field – How would publishing your very own book benefit your business?
Squeeze Page or “Opt In” Page
A squeeze page or “opt-in” page is extremely useful in getting you new leads or prospects for your business. The purpose of this page is to offer visitors a useful product or benefit in exchange for their personal information (usually name and email).
The general layout of the squeeze page is as follows:
• Headline
• Captivating Image Of Product
• Benefits (in point form)
• Opt In Box (obtained from autoresponder provider)
PLR products can be used to build an attractive squeeze page. Most good PLR packages come with ready-made squeeze pages where you can just slap your name on and call it your own. PLR e-books are also great for capturing leads when they are used as the main “benefit” on the squeeze page.
PLR Packages also come with attractive e-book designs which you can put on your squeeze page to increase conversions (number of people who opt-in upon reaching your site).
Choose a PLR product which complements your niche and paid product to be used as an opt-in gift for your squeeze page.
Condensed “Special Reports”
Some people love to read, while others rather get straight to the point. Therefore, another way to monetize through PLR is by converting your e-books into condensed special reports (usually about 20 pages). Take the most important ideas of the e-book and turn it into a special report which is perfect for generating leads through a squeeze page or used as a gift in a giveaway event (refer to previous chapters on gifts).
With the abundance of information on the internet nowadays, people want information fast and are willing to pay money to get just the raw facts. No fluff, no hassles and straight facts would be the main selling point of these special reports. These reports are also extremely effective on people with low attention spans and can be used to grab extra sales or leads for your business.
Some examples of good special reports would be how-to training guides, checklists and expert interviews. Example: “Special Report On How I Created $50,000 In 11 Days!” – These are also great as free gifts or viral reports to be given to your subscribers to help you attract more leads to your website.