Online video marketing has a wide spread applications. Latest digital technology and web based advancement have given rise to an expanded array of videos on the internet serving variety of purposes from product promotions to increasing brand awareness and popularity to serving as mediums to generate web traffic and trigger sales.
Business Objectives behind Online Videos
So far we have discussed the basic broad categories of online videos. In this chapter we will list a few of the thousands of business objectives which can be accomplished through online video marketers. Here is the list:
• Product and Service Promotions:

 Product demonstration videos
 Product promotions
 Product review videos
• Customer Reference Videos
 Customer Testimonials Videos
 Customers Walk-in-street interviews
 Customer presentations
• Corporate Videos
 Corporate Facility Tour Videos
 Corporate Equipment Tour Videos
 Videos covering corporate Executives
 Corporate overview videos
• Training and Employee Support Videos
 Employee training videos
 Staff learning videos
 Customer Dealing videos
• Marketing and Advertising Videos
 Ad or commercials
 Viral Videos
 Info-commercials
• PR support and Awareness Videos
 Events videos
 Press Releases videos
 PR support materials
 Market research videos
Apart from the above list there are a variety of business objectives that can be served through incorporating online marketing. It is also significant to mention that online marketing is not only a useful strategy to cater to business to customer (B2C) marketing; it is also an effective tool to achieve business to business marketing objectives. Not only that, well established companies also use video marketing tools to motivate and educate its staff and employees. Hence this is why online video marketing is growing is increasingly considered as one of the most effective tools to companies to meet its objectives.