Monetize via Adsense on Blogs
Blogging is one of the ways many entrepreneurs have made passive income over the years. The make money through blogging, you need a blog on a certain niche topic with loads of useful content. PLR products can help you fill up your blog with content. You can break down PLR e-books into individual articles and use them as blog posts on your website.
Once you have a substantial amount of content and following on your blog, there are many ad networks you can subscribe to and make money through your blog. One of the the biggest ad networks out there is Google Adsense. If approved, Google will place ads on your blog targeted to your niche, and anytime someone clicks on your ads you will be paid money by Google.
Sounds simple? But be warned, Google has stringent guidelines for approving adsense accounts. You will need to have a niche blog with original, quality content that does not promote other ad networks. You will also need to have a big enough following before Google decides that your blog can make money for them. Thankfully, we can leverage on PLR products to fill our blog with quality content and we can then sit back and reap the rewards of autopilot blog income.
Personal Branding With PLR
This chapter is about personal branding, it’s about you – as a marketer, entrepreneur, life coach or author. Personal branding is important because with all the competition in your market, what makes you stand out besides your products is your credibility.
You want to be seen as an expert and trusted person in the field you are in. That is why, PLR products can give you that edge. It takes long to build a brand for yourself. You need to consistently provide great content to your subscribers. You need to network is other marketers and get testimonials for them. You need to genuinely provide value for your target market and help them solve problems.
Not only can you leverage on PLR products to build your brand, PLR products help free time for you by saving time, money and effort on building products so that you can focus on networking and building credibility for yourself.
For starters, you can start a personal blog and show case your products (free or paid), talk a little about yourself and display testimonials from your customers and other marketers. You can also give free stuff like e-books (made with PLR of course) to your subscribers or customers as a thank-you gift or as a good gesture and they will trust you even more.
Autopilot Profits – Email Training Courses
Ultimately, we all want to live the dream of living a four-hour work week and laze around while profits automatically come into our bank accounts. Here is a nifty strategy using PLR to help you create autopilot income through niche blogs.
Let’s say you got your hands on some PLR products in the Affirmations niche (a hot personal development market). You can set up a blog, fill it with content (using PLR) and build your list. Now the key here is in setting up your email autoresponder to mail a series of emails to your new subscribers periodically.
Day 1: Affirmation Training Series Part 1
Day 3: Affirmation Training Series Part 2
Day 4: Affirmation Training Series Part 3
Day 6: Affirmation Training Series Part 4
Day 7: Affirmation Training Series Part 5
Day 10: Affirmation Mastery Course Launched!
Notice that on Day 1-5, you provide a series of training to your subscribers related to the affirmation niche. On Day 10, the training is complete and you now offer your list an opportunity to take their training to the next level via the Affirmations Mastery course (paid product).
That way, whenever you get a new subscriber, they will automatically be funneled through the whole training series which leads to the promotional email for your paid product and since you have given them adequate training and relationship building, they will be likely to buy your product.
So all you have to do now is create a steady flow of traffic for your blog and sign ups to your email list and voila! Let the autopilot income come in. Once you have automated your profits for one niche, you can build multiple blogs catering to multiple niches using the same technique, and then sit back, and relax on multiple streams of passive, autopilot income!