As it is now clearly apparent that video marketing offers a variety of benefits to increase traffic towards your web sites and to increase your profits, however what is the next step once you decide to add video on your website?
In order to incorporate video marketing you need to take the following three steps:
1. Record A video
2. Edit Your Video
3. Upload Your Video to your website
Before moving on and highlighting details, it is essential to mention here that companies might hire professional services to do all the above functions. Many big businesses hire professional experts to develop, edit and upload their videos online for effectively marketing their products and services. However as technology has advance so much today and there are so many software available that it is easily possible for businesses to develop, create and upload their own videos by themselves without asking for any expert hand. Also many companies provides free software and free software tutorials which can help a naïve marketer to learn how to develop and edit an effective video with up- to- date features himself and how to upload it to the company’s website and various other sources.
In this chapter and in the next chapter we will discuss in detail about developing, editing and uploading video on your website.
 Step 1: Recording a video for your website
Video marketing starts from video creation. The task has never been so easy as it is now. Fortunately today it is relatively straight forward to record videos and place them online, unlike a few decades back when you needed huge budgets to create a video. Today in order to develop a video all you need is basic camera, a computer and a Hi-Speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable Connection)
For a basic start, a flip camera is usually a quite good option to use as it has all important features, with a direct USB connection to your PC and can produce amazing results if used to its full capacity. Apart from this you can use a camcorder to record your video and then you can transfer the video to your PC. Once you transfer your video successfully to your PC now it is time to edit you video.
 Step 2: Video Editing
Just like video recording, video editing today has become relatively easier and affordable, thanks to the internet. You can get several free video editing software packages which can make your life easier, Just try a simple Google search. Also there are a variety of firms offering video editing programs online for some charges, carrying additional and advance features. For example some intense software program enables you to add sound track or narration, get rid of unnecessary shots or scenes, incorporate appropriate video effects and add titles. Hence the more the cost the more are the benefits. However an online marketer should go for the program that well- serves his/her needs.
It is also essential to note that no matter how advance video editing program you have got, you must need creativity and imagination to drive optimal results.
Some basic things you need to consider are:
• Think first what your target audience want to see in the video
• How long should be the clip
• Make sure that your video is neither too fast, nor too slow
• Ensure optimal quality
• Ensure perfect audibility of the video
Hence you can add endless features to improve your videos productivity.
In the next chapter we will discuss how to upload a video to your website