Giveaway (Incentive)
Your giveaway is essentially, the most important element on your squeeze page.
If your offer doesn’t motivate visitors into subscribing, all of your marketing efforts will be lost. This means that you need your offer to be of interest to the majority of your target market, rather than to a small group of subscribers. The higher the quality of your giveaway as well as the more relevant your offer is to your market, the easier it will be to recruit new subscribers.
There are many different ways to ensure that the product you are giving away is of a high-perceived value by your subscriber base and likely to be successful in converting new subscribers.
To start, consider the different types of products that are being successfully sold in online marketplaces and create a shorter version of a hot selling product, and offer it for free to anyone who subscribed to your list. You may try to offer products with resell rights or even better a private label rights product will do good for your campaign.
If competitors are successful in selling a similar product and you are giving away a high quality product based on the same topic, imagine just how easy it will be to recruit visitors and subscribers to your site.
And better yet, what better way to begin building a relationship with an active subscriber base than by offering them something of equal value with no strings (or price tag) attached!
You could offer:

 Free Reports
 Free Ebooks (full length of leaked chapters)
 Free Tutorial Guides
 Video Tutorials
 Free or Trial Access to a Membership Program
 Free Booklet with “Top Tips”
 Free Weekly Newsletter Subscription
 Free templates or graphics
 Free e-course
 Free Audio Interviews, Lessons, Tutorials
The key to creating a successful giveaway product is in its overall relevancy and existing demand.
You want to make sure that your target prospect is actively searching for similar information, and that it is being sold successfully in the marketplace. If you do that, you will have little difficulty building a massive list of targeted prospects who will be eagerly waiting to receive your emails and broadcasts.
If you plan to promote an ebook or e-course of some kind, a very powerful method of building a massive mailing list while generating new business for your product is by offering a leaked chapter of your info product. (Preferably first 2-3 chapters as the preview copy)
By offering this free chapter, you are able to provide new subscribers with a preview copy of the quality of your work, as well as generate a buzz around your upcoming product launch.
If your product is well written, you will find it exceptionally easy to build a subscriber base of people who will likely purchase the full length version when it launches.
This is also a savvy method of creating a viral campaign for your upcoming launch as people pass around the ‘leaked chapter’ to everyone they know.
If you are interested in outsourcing your project to experienced freelancers, you can easily find a trustworthy professional from the following freelance marketplaces:
(I have included a list of the top freelance marketplaces at the end of this report)
Or you may also outsource your work from a select few popular forums such as or which having a number of talented freelance marketers to help you out. (Check on the Warrior For Hire section in warrior forum or look into the Buy-Sell-Trade section for digital point forum)