Once you have your squeeze page up and running, done the setup of your autoresponder account, you will need to focus on configuring the email sequence that’s be activated the moment a subscriber opted into your mailing list.
Here’s how it works:
 Your visitor fills in their information via your squeeze page and confirms their request be added into your newsletter mailing list.
 Your autoresponder start the mailing sequence and emails your prospect a welcome email that you have written. Within a few minutes later of their subscription, the message sent out automatically to their email inbox.
 Your autoresponder continues to email your subscriber on pre-defined dates and times, according to the follow-up system you have set up within your autoresponder account.
You can configure the delivery dates and times from your administration panel, and all the emails you have created within your autoresponder account is going to send out to all active subscribers on a regular schedule.
Example: If you create 4 emails that scheduled to deliver the follow-up messages on a specific date and time, it will do its work like this:
 1st Email: Instantly sent to your subscriber thanking them for subscribing to your list and provides the download that you initially offered on your squeeze page, usually a direct link to the download location on your website.
 2nd Email: Scheduled to send out on the third day after your subscriber has confirmed their request, and includes an email offering free content, extra articles or another report.
 3rd Email: Scheduled to go out on the sixth day of the sequence, promotional based, advertising a related product.
 4th Email: Scheduled to go out on the tenth day and so on.
The balance that you use, when mixing up free content with promotional based material is entirely up to you, however the more value you give to your list, the easier and faster it will be to develop a relationship with your subscribers.
Taking an aggressive approach to email marketing works for some, however for the most, it’s always best to step carefully, initially focusing on building a relationship with your list, and then doubling that up with promotional offers, or recommendations to affiliate based products.
Essentially, you want to ‘condition’ your list so that they grow accustomed to receiving promotional based emails from you often.
It’s up to you to keep a pulse on your subscriber base, and find what works the best, how often you contact them, and whether they respond well to the products you are promoting.
Just don’t be afraid to experiment and test out new ideas and creative ways to consistently grow and keep up your subscriber base.
Here are a few ways to build the highest performing mailing lists, quickly and easily:
A. Create Multiple Squeeze Pages
Rather than just constructing one squeeze page, consider creating a network of opt-in pages that cover various markets as well as the SAME market, but offering a different giveaway product.
By doing this, you are able to cater to all sorts of people who are not interested in one giveaway but would gladly sign up to receive another. Plus, you can easily split test different layouts and templates by running various squeeze page offers at once.
Keep in mind that the more squeeze pages you have in circulation, the more exposure you’ll receive.
Note: You can use the same autoresponder sequence for all of your squeeze pages within the same niche markets, as long as you customize the introductory email so that it features each unique giveaway or offer.
B. Implement Your Squeeze Page Into Social Networking Profiles
If you have a Squidoo lens, you can now add opt-in pages right into your existing page. It’s available as a module, and it’s a great way to generate instant traffic to a remotely hosted opt-in page.
You can set up an unlimited amount of Squidoo lens pages, incorporating your squeeze page into each one. Just make sure to have enough content built into your lens so that you are offering something valuable to the visitors.
Note: Squidoo be considered an authority website and carries exceptional weight within the search engines, not only will you be able to generate fresh leads from your opt-in page itself, but you could also add links to your Squidoo lens pages that lead visitors to your other squeeze pages as well.
Hub Pages is also another great method of drawing in new traffic and subscribers. HubPages works similarly to Squidoo in terms of being able to create instant single websites even if you are unfamiliar with HTML.
You should also add your squeeze page URL into your Twitter profile, as well as every other social community you are a part of including Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.
For 2012, you should start incorporating your opt-in form into your Facebook pages and there are lots of advantages of using Facebook as one of your list building campaign. Facebook has an estimated 850 million users till today that could be a great advantage for building a decent list of subscribers.
If you use Aweber, you could easily integrate the opt-in form into the Facebook page to start capturing the targeted prospects from Facebook members.
Here are a select few of the top social networking profiles:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Squidoo
• HubPages
• YouTube
• MySpace
• Google Plus+
C. Article Marketing
Article marketing is an excellent (and free!) marketing strategy for many of us; end up being our primary strength behind generating consistent traffic to our squeeze pages.
With article marketing, it’s all about offering high quality, relevant content that targets your market and propels them into exploring your resource box and visiting your website to find out more about you.
Article marketing is extremely easy to set up, and even if you aren’t a skilled writer, you can easily outsource article creation to affordable, high quality writers.
Even if your budget is very small, there is no reason to why you can’t compile a small package of articles, spanning from 300-500 words in length that are highly targeted and relevant to the topic on your squeeze page.
Start out by submitting 3-5 articles every week, and before you know it, your article campaign will generate consistent traffic to your squeeze pages. As you continue to expand on the number or articles in circulation, you will be able to generate more traffic often.
Just make sure that the articles you do submitted into article directories are exceptionally well written and targeted.
After all, these articles represent you and your brand, and you want your readers be impressed with the quality as they are likely going to explore your other products on the information found within your article content.
Pay attention when constructing your author’s resource box (Being attached to each article you are submitting.)
This resource box is the only place in which you can add in external links and you want to include a call to action that motivates your reader into clicking on your link and visiting your squeeze page.
You also want to use anchor text if possible, so that not only are you able to generate traffic from article directories, but you can also rank for specific keywords relevant to your niche within the search engines.
Here are a few top article directories to get you started on:
• http://www.EzineArticles.com
• http://www.GoArticles.com
• http://www.ArticleDashboard.com
• http://www.ArticlesBase.com
• http://www.IdeaMarketers.com
• http://www.Amazines.com
(I have included a full list of top most recommended & high ranking article directories at the end of this report)