July 6, 2020

Free WSOs

Now let’s get into another method, which is something I’ve been doing since 2008 or so, which is running free WSO’s.
I’m talking about freebies that I give away on the Warrior Forum, which is WarriorForum.com and WSO stands for Warrior Special Offers.
So I will give away products on the Warrior Special Offers forum in exchange for opt-ins.
One thing that I’ve noticed between the Warrior Forum and the leads you may get from ad swaps, click banking, and solo ads is that Warrior Forum traffic is used to buying lower priced products.
o your funnel may be a lot different for free WSO’s than it will be with ad swaps, click banking, or solo ads.
For one of my funnels they get a freebie on the squeeze page, then the OTO after that is a $10 offer, then the OTO after that is another $10 offer.
So you can see I’m keeping it at $10 or less because I know they buy $10 or less things, whereas with ad swaps, click banking, and solo ads I’ll have a freebie, a $9 offer, then to a $97 OTO and then it will go up from there.
Good luck trying to sell a $97 to Warrior Forum members because it’s not going to happen, unless you have a done-for-you service or something that’s worth 25x $97 price points.
It’s just a different world there, but the good thing about running free WSO’s is that’s a business in itself, if you want it to be because you can run free WSO’s and then you can promote WSO’s as an affiliate to promote programs like offers through WSO Pro, which is at WarriorPlus.com or JVzoo.com or DigiResults.com.
So you know how I was talking about in one of the other sections how you can make a business just by focusing on one thing?
Well this is a business for you too.
hink about this.
This is all you need to do is to run free WSO’s.
You can have six or seven free WSO’s for six or seven different freebies that you create and you can rotate those once a day so that you’re launching a new WSO a day, but it’s giving away one of your six or seven freebies.
You can generate your list like that and your sales funnel will get you close to breaking even or making a profit right away on the front end, then on the backend you can promote WSO’s as an affiliate to your list you’ve built.
’ve been known to have multiple free WSO’s that I rotate on a daily basis and I’ve done that model before.
You see… I get bored with certain things in marketing and then I try different models.
I just simplify things and just go at them with a very narrow focus.
Right now I might be buying a lot of solo ads and doing what I described in the Solo Ads section, but just months ago, I was buying a lot of free WSO’s and trying to get as many leads as I could with that and just promoting WSO’s every day and making plenty of money.
So once you get that narrow focus and simplify everything, everything becomes clear and you can make a lot of money just focusing on that.