Educational videos as the name suggests are awareness or informative videos. These usually carry general information regarding any latest research or event and usually don’t necessarily sit only on your homepage. Other kinds of educational videos are customer targeted or customer oriented videos that are aimed to provide several general questions that may arise in the mind of your target customers and hence these videos act as proactive solution of their queries. This is why educational videos are usually considered to be a form of indirect online marketing techniques. There are a number of reasons for adding educational videos online as they can help you achieve multiple goals. That means unlike viral and promotional videos, your educational video doesn’t have to be quite as tightly focused on a single goal. With educational videos you have the freedom to build towards a number of achievements.
 Location of the educational video
Education videos can be added to several locations within your websites and off-company website places. Within your web site, these can be located at pages that are customer support oriented. Apart from that other general educational videos can be uploaded to your video blogs, or can be used efficiently through e-mail marketing. Also online marketers who use article marketing as part of their online marketing can develop educational videos related to the content if the article and then place the articles on famous online marketing sites that will help marketers to attract potential customers to the company’s websites.
 Advantages of Educational videos
Several advantages of educational videos are discussed bellow.
• We mentioned earlier that primarily an educational video is there to educate and to raise awareness. This in turn can largely help to establish trust and thought-leadership. Visitors to your site who move beyond the landing page and begin to delve deeper into everything your site has to offer may be looking for more information. We know that video is an excellent medium for distilling information and enquiring visitors can find much to satisfy their curiosity through a well developed video.
• Educational videos are also significant as they can take the strain away from your customer support team. By linking your videos to any part of your online support page for example to an FAQ can help answer some of the questions that would otherwise have to be asked to a customer representative. Also usually online visitors if find any queries usually doesn’t bother to ask questions and leave the site but if these videos are already available to support them, it can even prove to more satisfying with the customer feeling they were able to get the answer they wanted in a format they are at ease with.
• Educational videos can help to build a relationship of trust and develops a mentor-mentee relationship between the site and its visitors and improve customers’ loyalty and trust.
 Key points to consider
Online marketer should consider the following crucial points while incorporating an educational video to their online marketing campaign.
• It is essential to note that online marketers should normally restrain from using direct sales messages in educational video. Also the increased length and complexity of the video can pose an adverse impact. Hence online marketers should try to entice the video with simple plain information that can communicate clearly to the visitor and resolve his queries.
• Also educational videos are less likely to be promoted. They are more correctly targeted to specific customers at different stages in the sales cycle. Educational videos are designed to prevent customer confusion and deliver clarity
• The success of educational video cannot be measured on the basis of attracting or driving traffic to your websites as it is not directly aimed at reaching to masses.
• Educational videos usually carries high production costs than other forms of videos due to its complexity of information.
These were a few common types of videos. Now we will discuss in detail how online videos can serve one or more business objectives.