Domain And Hosting Accounts
There are many different domain registrars available to choose from. Personally, I use and . However, one thing to keep in mind is that you should have done a research as to the niche or market that you are intending to target on before registering your domain name.
Doing that way, you can register a domain name that includes relevant keywords pertaining to targeting the right prospects.
For example, if I wanted to build a mailing list that targeted the “web hosting” niche, I would consider registering a domain name that incorporated the keywords ‘web hosting’, such as where I would offer free web hosting tips and articles over the website and also an opt-in form to capture the prospects. In this case, the domain and the content both speak directly to my target audience
In order to streamline your ability to build targeted lists, you also need a web hosting account, making it easy to capture your visitor’s information, and add them to your list by showcasing a squeeze or landing page.
When it comes to choosing a hosting provider, you need to make sure that you go with a service that allows for flexibility and fast upgrades.
You can start out with a smaller package, and as your marketing campaign expands, you can upgrade your account to a larger package.
With your hosting provider, make sure that they offer the ability to use sub domains, so that you can create multiple interior pages for every squeeze page you create.
I recommend using either one of the following hosting company:


(NameCheap has just got opening their hosting services not long ago but they have pretty much decent review on their services, you may try out their hosting)