There is a variety of software available online for uploading videos to your websites, some of them are free and others are paid for. Many paid software usually come with additional features that will help marketers to enhance their videos and improve video quality and efficiency. Choosing the right software depends on the purpose of the video and the budget available to the online marketer. Since the more expensive the soft ware the better are the features.
In order to pick the correct software, we will list below a few addition features offered by a few software companies that you can incorporate within your video to enhance its efficiency.
• Redirects
Redirects are common to links but you can say that redirects are automatic links. If you want your video viewer to land at another page automatically once the video ends, then you can use a software that provide this feature.

• Video Skins
It is usually better to have a video skin that closely matches the theme of your site. Hence it is appropriate to have a feature that allows you to customize a theme that suits best to your site.
• Extra features
A flash technology can help you add several additional features for example play-stop features, incorporating call to actions for example adding “Buy Now” in the video itself. Also you can provide options to provide Opt-In form for list building purposes.
• Auto Start:
Auto start or auto play are option that automatically plays the video once the viewer arrives at your web page. Most of the common software usually contains this feature.
The bottom line is the more you will spend the more features you can add to your video. But you must be able to offset your costs with your benefits and be prudent instead of adding extra features that are not necessarily essential to use.