July 5, 2020

Your Own Affiliate Program

Another way to generate red-hot quality leads is by having your own affiliate program.
Now I’m going to tell you that I’ve mainly generated leads through using Rapid Action Profits.
I know that a lot of people in recent days have moved on to other scripts, such as Warriorplus.com, WSO Pro or JVZoo.com or DigiResults.com, but I like trusty old Rapid Action Profits.
It may cost $197, whereas I bought it for something like $297.
It’s always being updated so it’s not out of date with technology or anything, but the reason why I like Rapid Action Profits over any other is two-fold.
For one, I only have to pay a fee one time to use it.
So I pay my $197 for the script and I use it over and over and over.
A lot of these other sites, you may not have an upfront fee, but they take out fees for every sale you make so you end up paying a lot more than you would pay with that one-time fee to RapidActionProfits.com.
Or there may be, like with WSO Pro, you have to pay a fee every time you want to start a WSO with.
I’d rather have a script like Rapid Action Profits so I can use it over and over and over.
This is just my personal opinion and preference.
Also, I think there is a lot of wisdom in what I’m about to tell you with Rapid Action Profits vs. the other solutions.
The other solutions are like affiliate networks, so when you’re recruiting affiliates to actually promote your product, they may end up promoting someone else’s product, but with Rapid Action Profits, you have complete control over the situation.
So once you show people your affiliate program, there’s only an option to promote you.
Therefore, whenever I launch a product on Rapid Action Products, the bottom of the screen I have a link that says, “Affiliates make 100% commissions.”
They click there and then they sign up for my affiliate program through Rapid Action Profits.
They can now get their link and they can then sell the product.
If I use the other programs, and I have a link at the bottom that says, “Sign up here to promote my product,” and then they go to some affiliate network, they’ll probably end up promoting some other product that they find.
They maybe will get lost trying in the sea of products trying to find mine; they give up and not promote any product at all.
The best kind of affiliate program that attracts affiliates is to have an instant PayPal commission affiliate program like the ones I’ve been talking about.
You can also use something like ClickBank, but you can’t give away 100% commissions from ClickBank.
With these other programs, you can give away 100% commissions, which is really attractive on the front end to affiliates, and then you can give 50% commission on the one-time offer, for example.
You’re making money off sales, but you are attracting affiliates that you don’t have to ethically bride much to promote for you.
If you’re giving away 100% commissions, in my mind, you’re not going to owe any other affiliates back for promoting you because you gave away 100% commissions.
Those leads that you get right away are going to be red-hot leads.