July 5, 2020

Tell-A-Friend Script

Tell-A-Friend Script
Another way to generate leads virally is by using a Tell-A-Friend script.
I think you have to be careful not to let others abuse your Tell-A-Friend script because they can go spamming the Internet with it, but I think the best practice for using a Tell-A-Friend script is to have one on your download page for your freebie that you just giveaway.
It will say, “I’ll give you this extra bonus if you tell 5 friends about this,” or “10 friends about this.”
So, there will be a little form that they fill out and they’ll type in five different email addresses, for example, of their friends and when they hit submit it will send out a message to all their friends from them, which tells them to go and check out your squeeze page basically.
It’s really good traffic because they’re endorsing you, in a way.
They are friends of friends recommending you to other friends to your site, which is better than running an ad on some site where no one knows you, no authority is being transferred to you, or not trust is being transferred to you.
So you may be able to get really good leads by doing so.
Mike Filsaime, has a Tell-A-Friend script and there are other ones out there on the market that you can search for in Google by searching for Tell-A-Friend script.
I have a feeling those will also be on the rise in the future.
Those are one of those tactics that were used a lot years ago and you don’t see them as much anymore, but I think that they will emerge again, especially when people start using them in a way that makes the person who’s sending out the Tell-A-Friend script use their own email server to mail out the Tell-A-Friend invitation, that way they can avoid spam troubles altogether.
But the worse way to use a Tell-A-Friend script is if you’re telling people to send out one of their affiliate links and they’re an affiliate for you because then they may spam your site a lot because they’re trying to make money.
They may get excited, they might be spammers, or they might just get a little too excited and start sending it out to everybody and everyone they can find, thinking they’re going to make a million dollars overnight.