July 5, 2020

Reverse Opt-in Form

another way to generate about 10% of your website traffic to your list on a sales page is using a reverse opt-in form.
This is where someone clicks on the “Add to Cart” button or an “Order Now” button and then you have a page between your sales page and your order form.
That page in between will be a Step 1 of 2 order confirmation form.
So at the top is will say, “Step 1 of 2 Order Confirmation,” then they’ll have to put in their email address to continue.
his is a Reverse Opt-in Page.
You want to grab the email address here so that everybody who buys your product, you already have then on your list.
Also, the people who chicken out on your product, you’ll have them on your list and they’re also very high quality subscribers to have on your list that almost buy; for some reason they are.
So you might find that the majority of people who actually opt in to that form won’t even order, but you’ll end up generating a lot more subscribers from your sales page by doing that.
So you can see how all these leads will add up if you’re promoting to a squeeze page or a sales page.
You will see how all these leads add up by promoting to a sales page by using all the factors we’re talking about here.
Because if you’re getting 22% opt in rates from doing exit pop ups and you’re getting 10% from doing reverse opt in forms, then you are generating an extra 33% of people to your subscriber list during a launch.
That’s something to think about because when you have all these affiliates hammering your page, a lot of their traffic might not want to buy the product that you have, but there will be people who buy products that you may be able to sell something else to later on as an affiliate or as your own product.