July 11, 2020


LinkedIn connects you with the right audience and it offers hundreds of ways to help you ensure your message makes it to the right person(s). Over 100 million professionals follow more than 1.9 million companies, recommend more than 150,000 products, and join more than 850,000. LinkedIn connects you with the right audience, and offers you hundreds of ways to target your message to the right person at the right time.
Yet LinkedIn remains an underutilized social media network. Many believe it’s difficult to make connections and so therefore use it more to post their resume rather than a social media marketing tool. LinkedIn has the potential to be a powerful professional social media network.
How LinkedIn Can Help You Market
Boost Your Search Engine Optimization
There are three areas where you can add website links to your LinkedIn profile. Rather than displaying “My Website” and “My Blog” click on the Edit button, then click on Other. Next type in a keyword phrase describing how people would search for your business.
For example, let’s say your promoting mortgage products/services. You could change your website to read Mortgage Options, and your blog to read Foreclosure Options.
Promote Your Blog Feed
You can import your WordPress blog feed to your profile by, which is a quick way for others to be able to scan your blog content. LinkedIn also has a blog application, “Blog Link,” which supports WordPress.org, WordPress.com, LiveJournal, Blogger, TypePad, and Vox.
Your blog is your best tool for developing your brand. Now you can promote your blog and develop your brand by sharing insights and thoughts on your LinkedIn home page.
Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns
LinkedIn has its own Direct Ads Campaign that targets professionals. You can quickly reach a rapidly growing community of over 57 million professionals with an average household income of $110,000 US, and you can select your ad audience by industry, seniority, company size, job function, etc. In just minutes, you can write, target, and run your ad. You can get started just US $50. Be sure to leverage the power of LinkedIn by using your professional brand to put a face to your business.
Utilize Events to Engage Clients
Creating an event in LinkedIn is really easy. You can send invitations through your LinkedIn network, which creates an opportunity for you to meet those who decide to attend. At a glance you can see all of your network’s upcoming events. It’s a terrific marketing tool to be able to promote business events online in the same manner you would offline.
Using Groups to Connect With People
While starting a group takes some effort to grow your group it’s worth all the effort. A great place to begin is to invite your current network. As the people from your network join your group, it’s observable in their network news feed, which can generate new interest and new group members.
Get Recommendations to Attract More Clients
Recommendations are one of the features that makes LinkedIn unique from other social media networks. What could be better than by having your colleagues and clients share your expertise. The best way to get recommendations is to give recommendations.
Deli.icio.us is an excellent source of inbound links, exposure, and traffic, yet it remains an underutilized social media marketing tool. Let’s have a look at 3 ways to effectively use Del.icio.us.
It’s easy to miss the fact that you can network with other users with deli.icio.us. Compared to other social media sites, del.icio.us doesn’t have a bunch of fancy features, but you can easily add others to your network, share links, and view bookmarks with those in your network. When you want to get something to the front page, each and every bookmark counts. Pickup some extra bookmarks by sharing with your friends.
There are a few things you can do to grow your network. Start by including a link to your del.icio.us page from your website so others can add you. You can use one of the official badges provided by del.icio.us for this purpose. You can also ask your friends who are del.icio.us users for their id and add them to your network.
Brand Yourself With Del.icio.us
Many del.icio.us users stop by the front page often to see what is popular. Keep your content focused on your primary topic, which can help you to effectively brand yourself.
Create Focused Content
The best way to get to the front page of del.icio.us is to create a resource that del.icio.us users will likely bookmark. If you have been optimizing for del.icio.us, you will know what types of resources and articles do well.
The del.icio.us pages that become popular usually have plenty inbound links. Pages that have lots of inbound links usually rank well in the search engines. Consider key words and phrases that you would like to rank well in the search engines. Think about what content will help you target your keywords, do well with del.icio.us, and draw links using those words resulting in a ranking boost.