How does web hosting work

When a website is hosted, the files that make up the website are uploaded from a local computer onto a web server. Each website uses the server’s resources (RAM, hard drive space, and bandwidth).
Depending on the hosting plan, server resources are divided differently. In order to choose the right hosting plan, you need to first distinguish between the various options. The process isn’t difficult. We can use a simple analogy to explain it: Choosing web hosting is the same as searching for office space:

How do you decide which type of office space is right for your needs?

A coworking space or office within a business center would be better than a workstation in an open workspace. Are you planning to grow quickly or do you expect to see many people coming and going? Should you rent an entire building or should you build a space of your own?
In addition to the type of office you use, there are other considerations. The ease of accessing the rooms, what they offer (extras such as a whiteboard, high-speed internet, and other facilities), where the rooms are located, and the overall cost. Considerations like these will determine your needs and help you choose the right type of office for you. This selection process is similar to selecting the right web hosting service.
A shared hosting plan is similar to renting a workspace in a crowded, noisy co-working space or open plan office. You have all the modern amenities: a desk, an internet connection, and some stationary, and you share the space with other coworkers, including the kitchen, printer, and restroom. You are not allowed to make any changes to the space, such as installing whiteboards. Small websites are typically launched this way and are not suitable for large-scale commercial projects.
A virtual private server (VPS) is an excellent upgrade from shared hosting. An office in a business park will be beneficial for a medium-sized business. Users of a virtual private server are isolated from each other. Despite having neighbors, you are less dependent on them, and you can perform any renovations (customizations) and organize your workstation as you want.
dedicated server. The cost is higher, but it’s the best option for websites that value reliability and high performance. If you don’t intend to use the included space, investing in an entire space is not worth it. You control all of the configurations and have plenty of space.