July 11, 2020

Exit Popups

Another way to add about 10% opt-in rate to any website you have is by adding an exit pop up script.
You’ve probably seen these and they’re pretty annoying.
You can get one at exitsplash.com.
What it will be is when someone tries to leave the page, a pop up will come up that says, “Here’s a quick chance to get this freebie,” or whatever ad you want there.
This can add 10% more opt-in rate to your page or to any website you send traffic to.
Actually, depending on how aggressive you want to be, you can have multiple exit pop ups that lead to different squeeze pages.
What I’ve noticed is in the past, doing a very aggressive launch with a marketer and bartering leads, what I’ve decided to do with him because he wanted to go balls-to-the-wall, I decided that it would probably be most profitable to do a squeeze page for one offer that pops up once.
If they don’t take that offer, have a squeeze page that pops up for another offer.
If they don’t take that offer then another squeeze will pop up for another offer.
So it will be three squeeze pages popping up in a row for different offers.
You will be surprised at how many leads that added onto the product launchers list.
Just think about this, the first squeeze page pops up and they get 10% opt-in rate on that; they’ve just got 10% of the traffic to sign up on their list.
But if they don’t take that, and another one pops up and they get 7% on that, well that’s an extra 7% tacked on.
If they don’t take that one though, and they see the third squeeze page up, then maybe 5% tops into that list and all together you’ve got what, 22% of the people getting on your sales page or site opting into your list.
That’s almost as good as a decent converting squeeze page.
I’ll take 22% from a lot of different ad sources depending on the source.
But I will tell you this, that I believe exit pop ups are getting less effective over time because they’ve been used so much.
It’s similar to “ad blindness.”
What will likely happen is that people will stop using exit pop ups and then wait a little while and then they will start using them again and they will be just as effective as they were before.
That’s my prediction and that happens to a lot of things where trends and tactics come and go.
Tactics will be working well, then they stop working as well as they are and everyone stops using them and then someone starts using them again and talking about how profitable it is to use it and then everyone all of a sudden is using it again.