July 11, 2020

Buying Ad Space Direct From Webmasters

The next tactic I want to talk about is buying ad space directly from webmasters.
This can be done as easily as going to different webmasters who have, say forums in your market, and asking how much it would cost to run an ad on the top of their page.
First of all you’re going to them and ask, “How much is your AdSense ad making you on a daily basis?”
Chances are you’re going to have more money to spend than they’re making on this ad from AdSense.
So say they say, “Well I’m generating 200 people to my site every day, but I’m only making $3.00 in AdSense per day.”
Well, if you had an ad that has a 10% click thru rate, then you can generate those people to your page for the same amount of money or more, so tell them that you want to take a test run on their page by advertising their ad in place of their Google ad.
You can pay them by PayPal and with a deal like this, “Will you run this ad one day and we’ll see how much money I make,” and you’ll give them $5 instead of the $3.00 he makes from AdSense, for example.
Then you see what happens when you run your ad on their site for that day and see how many opt ins you get, how much in sales in commissions you make from your sales funnel, and this will determine whether it’s profitable or not.
If it’s profitable then you can say, “Well I would like to rent that ad space from you on a monthly basis, for the rest of this month for x amount of dollars,” or whatever is equivalent to $5.00 a day, or whatever you’re testing.
If you go to some real busy forum, for example, and you do the same thing – and if we’re talking about bigger numbers here, maybe you will do a $50 test run for one day.
You measure the results and see what happens and if it works out well, then what you need to do is just tell them that you want to run an ad that month for x amount of dollars.
And that’s traffic you don’t have to touch.
That’s just autopilot traffic hitting your page.
You can run it on a weekly basis or anything that you can afford, but the point is these webmasters want to make more money on their sites because they’re probably not making as much as you can give them using the advertising that they’re running.
They’re making piss poor profits from AdSense, for example.
Actually, in the internet marketing space, WarriorForum.com has an option to run an ad at the top of the forum for $100 a day, and they run something like eight different spaces on there a day and yours would rotate with eight different advertisers.
That’s a good way to test something in the internet marketing niche.
If you want to test an ad out and see how internet marketers would respond before you go and promote something on internet marketing, then use the tactic of contacting vendors and webmasters directly and you could run a $100 ad and see what happens.
Chances are you could get at least $100 clicks of traffic, or you may get 50 to 100 opt-ins.
You may get one sale at $100 that makes you break even.
You never know.
You never know until you try, but what I like about this media buying approach is that it’s very easy traffic that you don’t have to work toward, you just have to monitor your metrics.