What makes for the best web hosting for beginners?

To build this list, we looked for the following criteria:

One-click installation of websites

It should be easy to install WordPress or whatever software you intend to use on your website with a beginner-friendly host. Typically, one-click installers only require you to enter some basic information and the tool will handle the rest.

An easy to use dashboard.

You can also use your host’s dashboard to control other aspects of your hosting, such as email accounts, SSL certificates, backups, and more.
The hosts on this list have built custom hosting dashboards that are user-friendly for beginners. With the help of these advanced actions, such as installing an SSL certificate to secure your site’s data, you won’t need any technical knowledge.

Email hosting is also one useful feature.

Hosting a website is just one aspect of web hosting. In addition, you will probably need a custom email address like you@yoursite.com. A beginner-friendly host should make it easy for users to create email addresses and manage domain names.

Prices should be affordable.

You probably don’t want to start off with an expensive host if you’re a beginner. While you can always upgrade as your site grows, it’s much better to start with a cheaper option while you learn the ropes and understand what your site needs.
Excellent documentation and support.
Despite how user-friendly a host’s dashboard is, you will probably still find yourself in situations where you need a helping hand. If you need personal assistance, a beginner-friendly host should offer good documentation and 24/7 support.